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The Digital Americana August 2011

Here’s the stuff I did for The Digital Americana “Pastime Issue” Aug 2011. Photos and text by Carib Guerra (mostly):

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The Digital Americana July 2011

I figure it’s been long enough to where I can go ahead and post these without worrying that you won’t go out and buy an issue. Because you won’t. These … Continue reading

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Magazine Sex: For The Paris Review [VIDEO]

Shot this ad for The Paris Review. Kind of awesome. Thanks to Noah Wunsch and friends for inviting me to be a part of it. Lots of fun.

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Who’s Brent Spiner? Oh: The Problem With Getting Stuck On Data.

  Way back in 1890, a couple of dudes who no one particularly remembers published a paper declaring “to be let alone” a basic human right. They titled it, self-evidently enough, The … Continue reading

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The Samsung Galaxy S III: And Why The Heck Not?

The Samsung Galaxy S III is just the thing to make Apple loyalists question the sanity in their devotion. Apple should do the same. In 2007, when everyone was running around with … Continue reading

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Let’s Build The Damn Enterprise!

At least one dude thinks we could. Some total random known only as BTE-Dan has put together a surprisingly large website detailing (really really detailing) what it would take to Build The Enterprise over … Continue reading

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Mindwave Mobile: Control Apps With Your Brain

It felt a little strange the first time I put it on. The battery pack on the headset was light as the single AAA inside, but its square weight ove … Continue reading

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How the Uber App Is Everyone’s Private Driver

Uber. It’s an app for getting a car. But, like, easily. Whether it’s rush hour, or raining, or some jerk just walked a half a block up 5th Ave and stuck out … Continue reading

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2.0Pac: The Rise of #PlugLife and the 2Pacaloids. Wow.

On April 15, 2012, the Internet saw a brutal spike in net-wide OMG usage. Meanwhile, @katyperry explored a nascent dualism with the tweet: I think I might have cried when … Continue reading

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