Welcome! My name is Carib Guerra. I write about technology and my favorite pen is the Pilot Better Retractable, fine point.

I’ve been covering news about emerging and consumer technologies since 2011, when NYPress.com accepted my pitch to add a tech section to their site. Most recently, I worked closely with brands like Qualcomm, Snapdragon, and Intel to develop and execute editorial strategies for their branded content and social channels.

Currently, I’m employed by WonderHowTo.com. I report on smartphones for WHT’s Gadget Hacks team, as well as virtual/augmented/mixed reality stuff on the NextReality.news side of things.

Feel free to peruse my latest posts for WHT here.

Some other stuff I have written and/or worked on in the past:

Branded Content:

Qualcomm OnQ:

Has the mobile revolution sparked the robotics renaissance?

The next big thing will never be the last

Snapdragon Blog:

Follow the light: the small wonders of mobile photography

From palm to pilot, the YING drone is flying high with smartphone DNA

Qualcomm Tumblr:

^101 Seconds [Video Series]


^The Future of Motorsports [Poster Series]



Weekly News Roundup



The Cluster Mag:

2.0Pac: The Rise of #PlugLife and the 2Pacaloids. Wow.

Artificial Skin-telligence: The Fleshlight at the End of the Tunnel.


The Possible of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Vol. 1

The Possible of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Vol.2

TV on the Aereo: Turn On, Tune In, and Drop the Lawsuit, Dudes

The Paris Review


Programming Rovers on Mars from 100 Million Miles Away 

How Will We Benefit When Our Tech Talks Back?

For PSFK.com

(There’s a ton of them…)

As ByteS1GHz Tech Briefs:

Nerds Are Super Lazy, Still Need To Get Places

Nerds Find Cure For Down’s Syndrome, Abort Fetus

For Digital Americana (Photos and Text):

DAM JULY 2011 Cover


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