Portland Guidebook. Skint Press.

A few friends and I went around Portland, OR, finding all the best stuff to do while spending little to no money. Then we wrote all about it. Everything from public restrooms to the famous food carts to the bars you actually want to go to…and the ones you really might not. Well anyway this was all for Skint Press who is releasing their first guidebook: Skint Portland, for the Frugal Vagabond, publish date June 25th 2011.

Even if you’re not a vagabond, this book is full of awesome information about the City of Roses. Everybody who lives in Portland, OR, should have a copy of this book. Not just because it’s an investment in future savings, or because it was written by your friends, but because every fourth page has a secret code that, when deciphered will reveal a map directing you to a mystical party that never ends located deep within the Shanghai Tunnels. Every guest at the party gets a gift bag filled with a billion dollars and a live kitten of a royal Egyptian breed once thought to be extinct.

But don’t take my word for it.

Excerpts from the book…

Cheerful Tortoise
1939 SW 6th Ave.
So what if you don’t like watching college sports on 612 televisions? So what if you can’t stand Muzak? So what if you like windows? Both the Cheerful Tortoise and its sister dive–the Cheerful Bullpen–offter two eggs, toast and hash browns for a dollar-ninety-nine all day, everyday. It’s not listed on the menu, but they have it: just ask.

International Rose Test Garden
400 SW Kingston Ave.
After screwing up royally with your girlfriend, do not go by yourself to the International Rose Test Garden to pick a bouquet out of the five hundred and fifty varities of roses. Doing so carries a hefty fine. Instead, bring her along for a quiet stroll through the garden’s seven thousand rosebushes and admire the amazing vistas while you explain to her that you don’t know who wrote her sister’s name on your dick, took a picture of it and sent it to her sister’s phone–but you did try to rub it off as fast as you could while thinking of her.




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